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Our Core Offer


Who we are...

  • We are an educational charity
  • We are highly accountable to ESFA, OFSTED and the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC)
  • We are here for our community
  • We are a Trust that allows our schools to maintain their own identity 
  • We are a Trust that encourages strong partnerships
  • We are committed to excellence
  • We are a trustworthy, helpful and forward thinking Trust with one goal, to make a difference to all our students 
  • We are here to help look after the wellbeing of your school community 

What we are not...

  • We are not a business in it for profitt
  • We are not going to compromise the relationships between Governors and their schools
  • We are not controlling, we believe in the power of positive partnerships to make the difference 
  • We will not stipulate your curriculum or tell you how to run your school
  • We will not make changes to school uniform or branding
  • We will not allow isolation. We truly believe we are stronger as a family of schools 

Potential benefits of joining GMAT...

  • Reduced staffing costs.
  • Agile staff deployment
  • Value for money
  • Generate additional income
  • More money to spend on making a difference to children
  • Supportive school improvement
  • Evidence informed Trust wide CPD, lead by a National Research School
  • Enhanced internal career development opportunities
  • Efficiency savings
  • Develop a network for Governor support or development
  • Facilitate the sharing of good practice across the MAT
  • Make it easier for teachers to support each other by acting as a coach, mentor or critical friend
  • Headteachers are not alone. You don’t have to keep on top of all changes on your own
  • Teachers and leaders can work together on the things that matter

Frequently Asked Questions

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