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To provide high quality teaching & learning through a supportive framework for academic success which engages
local communities, mitigates the effects of disadvantage and positively impacts social mobility.


Our ambition is to provide the highest quality education for children and young people in the urban context of Manchester.  We believe passionately in the power of an excellent education to transform lives and futures and feel that we can build on our social investment activities, local knowledge, community relationships and strong partnerships to make this happen. We seek to be the place of first choice for children to learn and staff to work. Through an extensive challenging curriculum and best practice in teaching and learning, informed by research and the experiences of our staff, we will enhance children’s life chances by maximising their educational outcomes. The Trust’s ability to look and work cross phase will enable us to become a centre of excellence in transition. We will invest in families, develop strong curriculum and pedagogy to ensure enhanced progression in children’s learning from nursery, to primary to secondary and beyond.


We will embrace the opportunity to take responsibility for a child’s education, engaging meaningfully with their family throughout their whole school life, providing them with the best opportunity for a successful future.


  • We are committed to excellence, supporting the ambitions of young people and their families

  • We collaborate effectively with our local community and local schools to improve life chances for all

  • We create the conditions to deliver transformational deep social impact  

  • We are inclusive, collaborative and ambitious whilst inspiring others and demonstrating integrity


Our ambition for the community we serve shapes our approach at all levels of the Trust. Whilst we aim to build a strong and cohesive identity, with common expectations and standards, we recognise that each school within the Trust has its own unique characteristics. Collaboration and joint working ensure that all schools within the Trust, and those that work with us, can share in, and benefit from, each other’s strengths.


Our ambition is to be a successful and growing MAT that fosters an inclusive and aspirational culture that promotes academic
success and lifelong skills amongst all our children, regardless of their social, economic or cultural background.


To achieve this, we must:

  • Make a positive difference to the lives of the children, their families and the communities we serve.

  • Have an unflinching commitment to closing the gap between all groups of students so that no child is left behind.

  • Build a positive, inclusive culture that fosters open and honest communication so that barriers to our vision can be removed.

  • Provide a working environment to enable our staff to develop and flourish, working for an employer
    that supports them personally as well as professionally.

Across our Trust, our children will:

  • Be physically, socially, emotionally safe and healthy

  • Be asset rich and resilient to the effects of area and personal disadvantage

  • Make good or better academic progress at each key stage of their education

  • Be able to secure the employment opportunities of their choice

  • Be able to contribute positively to the community

  • Be able to communicate effectively through technology and innovation


Our families and the wider community make an important contribution throughout GMAT. They can access our outstanding
facilities and the diverse programme of social and learning opportunities. Their involvement underpins our community strategy.


Our staff achieve the highest professional standards, continuously developing their skills and experience through high quality
research, training, and innovation. We ensure that their working conditions allow them to be happy and fulfilled at GMAT.


By 2025 all of our academies will:

  • Achieve the best possible outcomes for all of our learners through high quality teaching and learning and effective family support

  • Offer an engaging curriculum to meet the needs of students and employers both now and in the future

  • Be a great place to work with the best professional development and career opportunities where we recruit and retain excellent staff and deliver a high quality evidence informed approach to professional development.

  • Make a positive difference to the lives of the pupils and adults in our community, ensuring children thrive and achieve

  • Grow and sustain a MAT built on transparency and integrity which improves the life chances for a wider population by reaching more pupils and their communities; and leveraging better value and increased economies for shared services

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