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Transform your future and the lives of young people with expert-led, in-school teacher training.

Every single day, a remarkable educator has the power to shape the future. Particularly for children who have faced difficult beginnings, a teacher can play a pivotal role in their triumphs. Our Teacher Training programme guides you towards becoming an outstanding educator, one who will ignite a passion for achievement in the upcoming generation.

Join our September 2024 cohort.

  • Qualify as a secondary teacher in 12 months

  • Benefit from evidence-based, flexible learning online and in-person

  • Achieve qualified teacher status (QTS) with a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE)

  • Gain hands-on classroom experience and start your career with confidence


A great teacher changes the future every day. Especially for children who have had a tough start in life, your career as a teacher can be the critical factor in their success. Our Teacher Training sets you on the path to becoming an excellent teacher, one who will inspire the next generation to succeed.

To read more and to apply click here.

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