Welcome to Greater Manchester Academies Trust (GMAT) and thank you for your interest in learning more about joining GMAT or more about Multi Academy Trusts in general (MATs). No matter what stage of planning you are at, we are happy to support in any way we can. 


We recognise that joining a Multi Academy Trust can be a big step for any school and we welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits of joining GMAT without any obligation. We ensure that all discussions are confidential and our approach is to consider what is possible and what will be the best outcome for the pupils.


Our Trust Growth Strategy is a coherent vision to act in deep partnership. The Trust is formed with a Trust Board, Local Governing Bodies, an Executive Principal, a Chief Operating Officer a Chief Finance Officer and a Central service Team, with our Headteachers being a key part of the Executive Leadership Team.


It is important to us that through a powerful partnership, schools joining our Trust maintain their identity and their sense of school community. Schools within our Trust develop and implement their own curricula as they are best placed to understand the different needs of their pupils. We therefore encourage a bespoke personalised curriculum that meets the needs of all learners and there can be as much or as little support from the Trust as each school and local governing bodies deems necessary in the implementation of this.


The recent White Paper vision for 2030 is for maintained schools or smaller/empty SATS/MATs to join larger MATS. There are huge benefits to this approach both in terms of efficiencies and of learner outcomes. We recognise the importance of having the opportunity to select the MAT of your choice and ensuring you join a MAT that has a shared vision, values and aspirations with your school. 


We are determined to improve the educational outcomes for all the children and young people and provide real impacting support for our wider community. This can be achieved more effectively with great leaders and schools joining our Trust, giving a wider reach to ensure children have a better chance to succeed in life. Together we are stronger and can support each other to thrive, collaborating and sharing best practice and providing reassurance and support. 


Joining GMAT will create additional opportunities for support staff, teachers and leaders to access joint evidence informed professional development, network, moderate and collaborate to further improve teaching and learning outcomes for all children.  There is a wealth of expertise already within GMAT including a National Research School, an Initial Teacher Training Programme, specialist leaders in literacy, maths mastery specialists, special educational needs co-ordinators, moderators for all key stages, a serving OFSTED inspector and a dedicated Central Service Team to support with finance, HR, health and safety as well as staff with a wealth of other skills and experiences. GMAT wants to ensure that school leaders can invest as much time and dedication to serving their children, families and their community and we aim to reduce the white noise of anything that can take time away from this. 


We will provide oversight and expertise guiding any incoming schools in to our Trust with project plans, communication strategies and due diligence support.


We would love to hear from you.


If you would like to discuss joining our Trust or finding out more about us, please contact us at or telephone our Executive Principal on 0161 202 0161. 


We want great schools to join us as equal partners.


John Rowlands 

Executive Principal



We work hard to ensure good value for money across a range of services so that our academies can focus on providing the very best education.


Each of our academies contributes a small percentage of their GAG funding to pay for this core offer.


The services we offer

HR 2.png


Unlimited support with managing staff for your school. We will help you deliver your core business everyday.

L Support.png

Leadership Support

A strong and experienced team who have a proven track record in improving and supporting teaching and learning.

D Management 2.png

Data Mangement

A dedicated team of experienced individuals who can assist your school in managing and presenting data in a number of ways making it easy to understand.

Insurance 2.png


Insurance for all academy activities including trips, visits and events.

S Media.png

Social Media

Unlimited support from our Social Media Officer who will manage your accounts.

S Improvement.png

School Improvement

A dedicated and experienced team with many years of helping schools improve in all aspects.



A dedicated team that provides support to our payroll process that ensures smoothness in its delivery.



A dedicated Safeguarding Team provides support to ensure all our students are cared for and kept safe.



A strong and supportive leadership structure which provide excellent strategic leadership and support to all.


ICT Support

Unlimited ICT support for all, on call service to support with your ICT needs.



We can help with all aspects of the recruitment process with a very skilled and experienced team.

Q Assurance.png

Quality Assurance

Unlimited support with managing finances for your school. We will help you deliver your core business everyday.

Email 2.png

G Suite and Office 365

Unlimited digital storage via Google Drive. Full use of G Suite email and collaboration platform. Website hosting, security and support.

T Support.png

Teacher Support

A strong and experienced team who have a proven track record in improving and supporting teaching and learning.

G and C png.png

Governance & Compliance

We can carry out quality assurance on all areas of your school with a very positive and experienced team.

P Service 2.png

Procurement Service

We ensure our Trust always realises best value for money in everything we procure whether this is large or small scale purchases. 

Family P.png

Family Partnership

A dedicated team delivering a unique award-winning service to mitigate the impact of disadvantaged GMAT children, their families and their community.

Facilities 2.png

Facilities Management

A dedicated site team that will help support  your school to look its best and keep it safe for students.

M Materials.png

Marketing Material

We can assist in the creation of marketing material for your school ensuring that the potential profile of your school is maximised.



A dedicated, experienced and highly skilled team that can assist your school in the creation and management of your schools website.


Pre Planned Maintenance

All PPM activities are taken care of and managed on behalf of our academies.



A dedicated team that will continually look to improve healthy options on offer to your students, as well as improving best practice within a kitchen environment.

R School 2.png

Research School

Enhanced Internal Career Opportunities


We have a dedicated Research School in our Trust. We can offer your school collaboration and support you in improving your teaching practice.

We can help your school offer internal opportunities to your staff covering the needs of your school.

We can assist your school in developing a CPD strategy for your staff to help improve teaching and learning and retain high quality staff.

Pastoral C.png

360 Approach to Pastoral Care

We can help your school develop a personalised approach to learning incorporating school, home and the wider community.



  • Reduced staffing costs.

  • Agile staff deployment

  • Value for money

  • Generate additional income

  • More money to spend on making a difference to children

  • Supportive school improvement

  • Evidence informed Trust wide CPD, lead by a National Research School

  • Enhanced internal career development opportunities

  • Efficiency savings

  • Develop a network for Governor support or development

  • Facilitate the sharing of good practice across the MAT

  • Make it easier for teachers to support each other by acting as a coach, mentor or critical friend

  • Headteachers are not alone. You don’t have to keep on top of all changes on your own

  • Teachers and leaders can work together on the things that matter

Please click here to download the 'why join us?' booklet.